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"Gut Check" So you think you have what it takes to become a professional baseball player? If so, you will find helpful updated information on this site that will guide you through the process of pursuing a professional baseball career.

This site was created for those players that have the skill, aspirations and desire to become a professional baseball player. The site will highlight information to guide and educate you on the available showcase events, tryouts and professional instruction.

As some of us are aware of many talented players are not playing professional baseball. Maybe you haven't been scouted, or perhaps your coming off an injury. Many of you may not have any college playing experience, or you went to a smaller college that played fewer games or wasn't scouted. Of course we know all about the problems players have with high school and college coaches. So whatever your situation may be this site will educate you on the process of becoming a professional baseball player.

International Performance Baseball Showcase Events

 "SPECIAL EVENT VIDEO!" This is actual video that was taken during the premier showcase event "2010" WORLD FREE AGENT SPRING TRAINING" Over 32% of the players that have attended these events over the last 9 years have signed professional contracts. These events feature games against Major League organizations. (Presented by International Performance Baseball)


Many players are unaware that there are several professional leagues throughout the United States and International countries that are always looking for talented players to upgrade their leagues and teams. Many players in the Major Leagues have played in these leagues.

There are over 100 professional showcase events and tryouts held annually throughout the United States and Internationally. There are a total of seven (5) Independent professional baseball leagues along with Major League organizations currently operating in the United States. Several foreign leagues roster spots are available through attending showcase events and tryouts as well. Leagues may use Independent scouting agencies for player procurement and placement.

"The Bottom Line Is" If you want to be the first to know when and where these showcase events and tryouts are, you will need to "Join" this site.

To all of you who have spent time reading information on this site and are trying to pursue "The Dream" we wish you the best of luck!

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